In her Father's Footsteps: Webathon Novena Day 4

In her Father's Footsteps: Webathon Novena Day 4

“Focus on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith” (Heb. 12: 2).

For the Chosen People, the Promised Land was move-in ready, “with houses you did not build and olive groves you did not plant” (see Dt. 6:11). Our “Promised Land” (a former warehouse) needs a bit of attention in order to be outfitted for the needs of our mission. We're on the move already! With a daily goal of $4,500, we hope that during this Webathon Novena, you can help us get to the Promised Land!

Even though just about every cell phone today comes with a camera, we still need professional quality, high-resolution photographs for our mission, and our Sister Mary Emmanuel grew up speaking the language of light and framing, f-stops and shutter speed, camera angles and focal length. She acquired her photographic skills from the best mentors possible: her own father and grandfather were professional photographers!

For years, Sister has been working in a cramped photo studio and darkroom set up in a basement mezzanine. The current space is far too cold in winter (and far too hot in summer) for the safe storage of photographs and equipment (much less the good health of the sister who maintains them!). Sister Mary Emmanuel needs a real photo studio with ample space and proper lighting so she can, for example, photograph Sister Laura Rosemarie's paintings or easily create group shots of our choir. (For years now most of the choir shots have to be taken outside). Other needs include appropriate storage for delicate photographic equipment in addition to suitable flooring, walls, electricity and ventilation.

Your contribution to our Webathon will help give Sister Mary Emmanuel the studio she needs to carry out her photographic apostolate efficiently and, as ever, artistically.

Join us in today's prayer that the media will be used more and more to promote all that is true, good, and beautiful. We'd love for you to share this page with others!


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Prayer of a Photographer

O Lord, help me to communicate the beauty of your image in all creation: in people, nature, events. . . . Grant that this photographic medium may proclaim the thousand silent words of your glory, greatness, goodness, and love.

May it go beyond a picture of external realities to capture your delicacy, your wisdom, your unique beauty. Allow it to portray the expressions of the human heart that cannot be verbalized, so as to create a bond of understanding, unity, and solidarity among all God’s children.

May it awaken us to your hidden presence, spur us to action, deepen our contemplation of your unfathomable riches, and encourage each soul to draw nearer to you in confidence, from earthly shadows . . . to eternal light.

©2015, Daughters of St Paul. Excerpted from Live Christ! Give Christ! Prayers for the New Evangelization(Pauline Books & Media, Boston).

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Make it out to Daughters of St. Paul. Send it to Webathon c/o Sr. Margaret Edward Moran, 50 St. Paul’s Ave., Boston, MA 02130. To donate by phone call 1-800-836-9723. 10am to 5pm EST. Thank you and God bless you.

Your Deceased Loved Ones Will Be Remembered in a Novena of Masses:
November 9 to November 18 in Our Motherhouse Chapel in Boston.