10:00 PM Evening Bells

10:00 PM Evening Bells

We have reached the final moment of today’s webathon and we have just two days left. Now is a critical time for the webathon. We have met many people who have told us how the sisters have impacted them and their family through the years. In order to continue to be there for you, we rely on your assistance to make that possible. Please consider a donation if you haven't already given. When Jesus spoke to our Founder when he was but a teenager, he said the words we are all familiar with: "Come to me, all of you, and I will give you rest." As we watch atheism become stronger and the values we cherish challenged, the Pauline mission remains strong in making it possible for each one to come to Jesus and in him to find direction, meaning, truth, and guidance for life. It is you who make this possible. Won't you consider an offering of prayer and financial support.


With each donation you too share in the work of the sisters, and become apostles of evangelization. Remember that any intentions you submit with your contribution will be placed in our chapel near the altar of St Paul. Your prayer requests will be lifted up to God by all the sisters during our daily Mass and holy hour of prayer.



Silent Prayer and Contemplation

Lord, bless all who have contributed to your work
 of spreading the Gospel of Love
through selfless giving today.

May they experience your grace and peace,
because those who support the apostles
will in turn receive an apostle’s reward!  Amen.

See you in the morning!  God bless you!




Day 7