Pauline Kids to Publish Booklet on the New Translation of the Mass

Pauline Kids to Publish Booklet on the New Translation of the Mass

July 19, 2011 (Boston) — Pauline Kids is excited to announce the upcoming release of The Mass Explained for Kids, a booklet to help children transition smoothly into the new translation of the Mass. This booklet not only explains the changes occurring in 2011, but enables children ages 7–11 to understand what we do and say at Mass and why.

By linking liturgical texts with corresponding explanations, this colorful booklet helps kids become active and enthusiastic participants at Mass. The Mass Explained for Kids is affordable for any budget and will help parents, priests, teachers, and other adults explain the changes to the Mass this November with ease.

The Mass Explained for Kids features the official texts of the new translation. The booklet will also prove to be a helpful tool for clarifying questions from parishioners. The clear and concise explanations will draw people to be fully engaged in the Liturgy and to gain a greater understanding of the Catholic faith and their relationship with God.

To order: please call 1-800-876-4463, fax 617-824-8035, explore us on the web at, or visit a Pauline Books & Media Center today!

Pauline Books & Media will also be publishing updated editions of the Daily and Sunday Missals with the new 2011 Mass translation. All titles pertaining to the new translation will be available at, in Pauline Books & Media centers across the United States, and through other leading distribution channels.




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